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For more than twenty years Optolong Optics Co. Ltd. has designed and manufactured high quality scientific filters using Schott optical glass substrates to suit a range of applications including both visual astronomy and astrophotography with DSLRs and CMOS/CCD cameras, as well as fluorescence filters, interference filters, anti-reflection coatings and optical mirrors.


Optolong has utilized ION beam assisted evaporation (IAD) and e-beam thermal evaporation since 1999. ION assisted technology along with our Optorun Japan OTFC-1300 optical thin film coater enable us to design and manufacture the most sophisticated and stable multi-layer filters with transmission as high as 96% and surface quality of 60/40-MIL spec.

The planetary rotation system offers precision and homogeneity of coatings ensuring high transmission of pass-band and high optical density off-band.

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