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Available in 1.25" & 2"

The Optolong L-eNhance filter is a light pollution tri-band filter designed to drastically reduce the effect of light pollution. Its three passing bands isolate the nebulae emissions in H-Alpha (red), H-beta and OIII (green-blue). 

This filter is designed for DSLR's and colour cameras used under urban skies. It works as a combined H-Alpha and OIII narrowband filter so photos will appear highly contrasted without the necessity to use a monochrome camera and two separate filters.




25nm bandpass at OIII (496nm & 500nm) and H-beta (486nm), 11nm at H-alpha (656nm) emission lines, with 90% transmission.

Blocks artificial light

Cuts through mercury vapour, high and low pressure sodium vapour lights and the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere.

Built-in UV/IR cut

No need to use a separate UV/IR cut filter with cameras sensitive to infrared radiation.

Schott optical glass

2mm thick glass made of Schott monolithic optical substrate (non-glued), in ultra-thin, CNC-machined, anodized filter cell.

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