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Available in 1.25" & 2"

The Optolong UV/IR cut filter is designed to block ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths and to capture the luminance in monochrome cameras.

Also, this filter is needed to cut off unwanted wavelengths in colour cameras which are sensitive to these wavelengths. Using one shot colour cameras without this filter will cause unnatural colour balances.

In refractors, the Optolong IR/UV cut is highly recommended to reduce the chromatic aberration, even in apochromatic telescopes as they are not corrected outside the visible spectrum.



Max transmission

95% transmission at visible spectral region 420-680nm highly passing the major nebula emission lines of H-Alpha 656nm, SII 672nm and NII 654nm and 658nm

Improves sharpness

Unfiltered CCD and CMOS sensors are extremely susceptible to UV and IR rays just outside the visible spectrum, negatively impacting image quality.

Multi-coated optics

All Optolong filters feature multi-layer anti-reflection coatings.

Schott optical glass

2mm thick glass made of Schott monolithic optical substrate (non-glued), in ultra-thin, CNC-machined, anodized filter cell (1mm for clip on DSLR series).

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